Over the years I have learnt there are two necessary evils involved with enjoying your car / bike to it’s fullest potential.
The first is a trustworthy mechanic and garage – preferably one that doesn’t serve you designer frothy coffee which instantly adds £500 to the bill.

The second is cross channel travel to access the delights of the European circuits, autobahns and cities.
Having relocated last year, I set about finding a Garage to take care of my beloved 911 Percy. I scoured the internet looking at Official Dealers, Local Garages, and Specialist Companies awash in promises of first class service, competitive pricing and in some cases, the dreaded frothy coffee.

Despairing I turned to the font of ALL car knowledge, my Dad who recommended I call in to Goss Hall Classics, which it turns out is two miles from my house. We set off, winding through a tiny country lane until a sign signalled to pull off down a long gravel drive.

To my left, a glass fronted barn showroom glistened with classics and moderns alike, decorated with old fashioned motorsport signs from Shell, Porsche and Goodwood.

Turning the corner, in front of me sprawled a beautiful country house and to my right, a six-car workshop with reception. I was beginning to wonder if a) I was in the right place and b) if I could possibly afford the delights of this heavenly find.

I was greeted by the owner Steve and I explained my mission… he appraised Percy commenting how nice he was, so we were off to a good start. I was offered a ‘nice normal’ coffee, and I ran through the list of bits and pieces that I’d been told needed doing to the car. The following week I was off on holiday, so Steve agreed for Percy to come and stay whilst I was away, so he could work on the car, promising me updates and a running total on the work he had to do.

At this point I should point out that I live approximately 10 minutes from Dover Docks and 30 minutes from The Shuttle. The beautiful country house before me it transpires is a gorgeous Bed & Breakfast with a lake, picturesque gardens and award-winning accommodation.

There is plenty of room to park race trailers, trucks and all the necessary racing paraphernalia, meaning if you’re travelling from the Silverstone to Nurburging or visa-versa, this amazing little oasis is the perfect halfway stop for you and any last-minute prep needed for your car or bike…

They offer a personal, friendly service to Porsche and other classic, performance and prestige car owners and have vast experience with specialist cars and are able to undertake most tasks from routine servicing to a full nut and bolt restoration. Aspects of restoration that they don’t undertake such as trim and paintwork are outsourced to fellow professionals who they have come to trust over many years of collaboration on projects.

Goss Hall Classics always have a selection of Porsche and other marques for sale and are always looking to purchase top quality vehicles and undertake commission-based sales.

Although majoring on Porsche, Goss Hall Classics will undertake work on most makes and models of classic, performance and prestige vehicles with extensive experience of Mercedes Benz and Lotus in particular.

Services include:
Routine servicing and repairs
Engine/Transmission overhauls
Electrical repairs, rewiring and enhancements
Restoration, welding, fabrication and paintwork
Trimming, carpets, headliners, hoods, steering wheels
Suspension geometry set ups using laser technology
Air Conditioning servicing, repairs and installations
Engine bay detailing
Media blasting, chrome plating and powder coating

While away on holiday I received three emails from Steve confirming the work that needed doing, the price and asking if I was happy to proceed. A quick ask around and cross check with Dad, the font of ALL knowledge confirmed that the prices quoted were fair and competitive.

Now my favourite part – it has always irked me that when you leave your car at the garage and spend a vast sum of money, they rarely bother to valet the car leaving you feeling poorer and the owner of a fixed but grubby car.

When I returned from holiday and went to collect my boy, he was all parked up and ready to go having been beautifully valeted. Also waiting for me was a small list of jobs to factor in to my forthcoming year and budget that Steve had prepared.

In my experience finds like these are rare indeed, so if you find yourself on your way to the continent and either you or your trusty steed need overnight accommodation and a friendly garage to call upon near Dover, I can’t recommend Goss Hall and their ‘nice normal coffee’ highly enough.

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