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Munich - Luxembourg - 431 kms

By this stage in the rally a number of entrants had moved teams including two from our own.  Therefore when the Bee Cool Bentley Boys invited us to accompany them on today’s leg, we decided to have a change too and chase down a new bumper.

The rain was absolutely chucking down and the first sign of precipitation we’d seen since leaving Dover. The visibility leaving Munich was extremely poor, and sections of road were flooded and struggled to deal with the deluge having had Sahara conditions for so long.

We enjoyed a positive two car drive with the Bentley, opening doors and keeping traffic at bay as required and thoroughly enjoyed the radio banter and relaxed approach to the drive.

Unlike us, the Bentley’s demand for fuel was considerable so we had time to stretch our legs and hunt out ‘garage gifts’ for friends and family back home.

We followed them into a small German town, found an incredible restaurant and enjoyed our first proper leisurely lunch of the entire rally.

The son shone down, conversation flowed and much amusement was had by all by ordering local delicacies that were either devoured or passed to the end of the table having been sniffed and prodded.

Tripe was a regional speciality… I will say no more.

We were making excellent time even considering our lunch break when we got the radio call that the Bentley was pulling to the left and had a slow puncture. We stopped to help and found them a garage nearby to change to the spare. As usually happens during these happy experiences the spare was flat too!

They insisted we go on ahead to the hotel and brief the AA patrol that they would need some assistance that evening which we did. We also set about finding them the nearest Bentley dealer who would be likely to stock a spare as the tyre was destroyed.

We were all parked for the last time before re-joining UK soil. Neither Lorina or I could believe our journey was nearly over and we had one more full day left.