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Zagreb - Munich - 602km

I spend a huge amount of time in Austria and was genuinely excited to be ‘going home’.  The motorways opened before us with signs for destinations such as Salzburg inviting us to stop off and enjoy familiar territory.

Some teams still elected to continue to travel in strict convoys throughout the rally, which is of course great fun and their decision. Others just gunned it and agreed a meeting point on the days route – some of whom were just ‘see you at the hotel this evening’.

Here are our tips for travelling in Convoy:

Plan the route, with rest stops to give the group a fighting chance of staying together
Tell everyone the route
Stick to the route
Have options for likely trouble spots
Take and issue everyone's phone numbers
Make sure your navigator is running all comms – you’re driving
Obey recommended speed limits as you usually would both in terms of driving too fast and too slow
Keep safe distance (following distance) from the vehicle ahead
Do not constitute hazard to other road users
Avoid tailgating
Be attentive and alert at all times.
Make ground rules and make sure everyone agrees before you set off
Don't leave anyone behind unless agreed
It’s ok to split into groups according to desired pace
If using radios, keep chatter to a minimum during key navigation points

A number of our fellow rally friends overtook us, so we elected to leave our team and follow then in order to get some mileage under our belts to make the most of the Austrian roads and scenery and try to find the Grossgloken pass.

We notified the organisers of our intentions who said ‘no problem’ and our Team Leader and began to make progress toward our destination.

Now as I’ve already mentioned, we had the special ‘Aladdin Edition’ Satnav which had been reset, rebooted and recharged to no avail.  So, we entered an approximate destination of Grossgloken into our trusty BMW and headed towards the mountains.

I adore driving twisty windy mountain passes especially in winter conditions so was relishing the drive.

As we didn’t really have a destination point to check into, we ended up in the Grossgloken National Park which had one of the steepest, narrowest and twisty approaches I’ve ever experienced and was absolutely awesome.

We posed for pictures, admired the stunning views that unfurled before us and decided to crack on rather than continue to find the pass. That being said, we are both looking forward to driving it on another occasion.

We passed through Kitzbuel and struggled not to stop off having skied there several times which was oh so hard to do that day.

On arrival in Munich it was clear that most our fellow competitors were tired, and still exuberant after a day of twisty mountain roads so we opted to stay in at the hotel.

Those that made it to the pass had experienced a heavy downfall but their pictures looked fantastic. Our little off-piste drive had proved to be quite the challenge so we didn’t feel we’d lost out.

We enjoyed a great evening swopping tales with the others who kindly invited us to join them for the next day.  Home was now feeling closer and closer and we were both equally exhausted and excited to be heading towards UK soil…

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