The Test Drive

We drove the BMW M2 from Horse Guards Parade to Sarajevo and tested the car for 10 full days.

During our Test Drive, we enjoyed some of Europe's finest driving routes including the high speed twisty mountain passes of Switzerland, the legendary Autobahns of Germany, the awe inspiring Adriatic Highway and the newly rebuilt roads of Bosnia.

SOS Founder Caroline Hobbs-Sabourin undertook the driving, alongside Historic F1 Racer Lorina McGlaughlin.

In total over 3000 miles were driven with ten counties being

2018-08-30 14.13.41
BMW M2 2dr
Price: £43,770
Combined MPG: 33.20mpg
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
Max power: 370bhp
0-62mph: 4.50secs
Dimensions (L x W x H): 4468 x 1854 x 1410 mm
Boot space: 390litres
Doors: 2
Warranty: years, miles
Engine type: NORTH SOUTH
Cylinder layout: IN-LINE
Engine capacity: 2,979cc
CO2: 199g/km
Fuel delivery: TWIN TURBO
Top speed: 155mph
Weight: 1,495kg
Seats: 4
ISOfix: No
Insurance group: 42


2018-08-30 14.14.21


The BMW M2 has a positive driving position and benefits from an attention grabbing leather steering wheel that feels both robust and sportif. Easily adjusted, the wheel doesn’t block key data from cockpit dials. There are a considerable amount of vehicle functions controlled via the steering wheel if required including cruise control, stereo, phone and more.

The steering itself is relatively light and very positive. The car is eager to follow instruction through the wheel particularly when Sport Mode is engaged. In spite of the glorious technology the car enjoys, it still delivers feedback through the wheel and is very much a driver’s car which is a huge plus.

2018-08-21 21.13.59


The brakes on the BMW M2 are simply awe inspiring. They do exactly as they are asked so should be treated with respect. I found rolling your foot on the side of the pedal delivered a far more comfortable drive for my passenger as braking is instant and fierce.

They are very effective at scrubbing off speed quickly going into bends without upsetting the handling or feel of the car.

The car we tested did have brake squeak at times which didn’t bother me personally due to the performance they delivered.



Do not be fooled by this lion in wolves clothing. Every single thing about this vehicle is geared to performance and it doesn’t fail to deliver.

That being said, comfort was obviously also a key element of consideration along with sheer practicality which is rare in a car of this calibre.

We drove for long periods of time with assorted Supercars and never felt like the poor relation. The car looks, sounds and reacts like it’s come straight from the racetrack.

2018-08-30 14.13.46

Fuel Economy

We achieved fantastic fuel economy with the M2. I was expecting to continually need to fill up, particularly when using sport mode which is oh so tempting to do.

We averaged 27.5mpg which is in line with what BMW claim.

Equally having driven long periods with cars of a similar age and capacity, the range of the M2 was particularly impressive in comparison as they often needed to fill up well before me which is comforting on a long journey.

fuel economy
Entertainment Navigation

In Car Entertainment & Navigation

As you know we are user manual adverse at The Sisterhood Of Speed and see that as part of the test of the car. Within a matter of moments I had paired the car with my phone, figured out the correct play list and dialled in my destination.

The Harman Kardon speaker system is simply breath-taking delivering an acoustic assault on the senses and one of the best I’ve experienced.

The I-Drive system is easily used and it’s massively helpful to receive Vehicle Status reports such as tyre pressures from within the cab. The Sat-nav is quick to be mastered and continually feeds back updates and options on your route.

2018-08-30 14.14.27


I can only comment on the Auto version of the M2, but at no point did I feel I needed to don my race boots. I’ve easily driven the car in heels and trainers alike.

The car is easy to access and exit with no skirt challenges to speak of so it is ok to ‘dress like a lady’ and drive hard if required.

The drive isn’t overly heavy or physical, and the car has considerable road presence meaning most let you past when you appear in their mirrors.



The boot is actually cavernous and I was astounded at the amount it could hold.  The M2 easily absorbed the luggage for a ten day road trip undertaken by two ladies.

The back seats are of a proper size and dimension, therefore I wouldn’t hesitate to take passengers in the car and there would be no need to apologise in advance for the lack of leg or head space.

There is good storage in the cab of the car, with a sizeable glove compartment, storage under the elbow rest and side compartments in the door. It can carry more items than I would ever need to drive around with.

  • I’m a complete DCT gearbox convert
  • The fuel economy is surprisingly really very good indeed
  • Sport & Sport Plus are incredible and transform the car with a press of a button
  • It’s surprisingly roomy whilst appearing compact
  • Fantastic road presence
  • Driver comfort and fatigue are not an issue with the M2
  • The exhaust note is glorious, particularly in Sport Mode
  • The in car technology is very easy to use and quickly provides what you require
  • The sound system has the capacity to blow your ears off – just fantastic
  • It is a great all rounder that will take you from the track to the supermarket
  • I liked my squeaky brakes – some may not
  • Turning off the ignition was frustrating sometimes needing multiple attempts and I’m not a fan of keyless technology
  • Please can we have KM’s on the main speedo for driving abroad
  • Sorry to ‘be a girl’ but the interior mirror and lights could be a bit more robust



With the best will in the world to BMW, I hadn’t really prepared myself to write a review on a sportscar – but that’s exactly what this car is and I would be doing it a dis-service to discuss it in other terms.

It goes from 0 to faster than anyone should ever reasonably want to go in seconds aided by the DCT gearbox. The burbling noise that the sports exhausts emits is simply addictive, as is the double clutch downshift that the car enjoys.

The handling is dynamic, and this is very much a driver’s car in spite of the jaw dropping technology it has available to it.

The car does absolutely everything you could dream of asking it to do in terms of performance, comfort and style but doesn’t leave you physically or mentally wrung out at the end of the drive.

The car looks exactly what it is when stationary – fast and precise and it is a joy to drive in all circumstances and situations.

It has magnificent presence on arrival at a destination as well as in someone's rear view mirrors, with the vast majority of drivers hustling out of the way to let you past.

In terms of performance, I would put this in the same family as my 911 but with incomparable practicality and economy it must be said.

I always figured I was a 911 girl through and through and I can say hand on heart, I did not want to return this magnificent motorcar.

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